I Set Off Slow One Sleepy Morning

I set off slow one sleepy morning
On a path I’d never been
And walked as far as I could travel
Just to bring new life within.

I quickly passed the waysides many
Each, potential in its way,
I knew my feet could travel any,
Not today friends, not today.

At length, I saw a distant beach town
Seated far off in the sun,
Laying nigh the golden sands
Where children laugh and play and run.

The glimmer soft of shining sands
Came soundless in the great divide;
The ever pace of time’s sure hands
Grew fainter than the distant tide.

And all at once an unknown sadness
Swept along with the ocean breeze;
Speaking fond of bygone dreams
And all the world’s soft mysteries.

But soon the whispers passed beyond
And left the shining world below
And said farewell for other spheres
The eyes of man will never know.

I stayed as long as I could manage,
Knowing that once I leave today,
My steps will lead through other worlds
And nevermore again this way.

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