The Famine of the Human Dream

Within the heart has been ordained
A notion of the unexplained;
A heart which longs to be set free
In its abandoned destiny;
But lives and wastes its precious years
And seldom sees ‘untrodden spheres!’

For man, his heart hath long been wrecked
And swapped for simple intellect;
‘Twas shattered upon a rock of sin,
Ever now to dwell within;
And floating the sea on scattered planks,
It seldom sees once destined banks;
Now e’remore wandering to and fro
Atop the ocean current flow.

Though tries the heart in vain to say
The meaning of its fatal stray
And seeks with all to take away
The ever present slow decay,
Still never able to convey
Those feelings that will never stay.

In vain we seek to find our fate
In a world we overestimate;
In vain we seek to make things last
In a world where all becomes the past.

But man still prospers in his time
Though ponders not his hidden crime;
And kills the passions of the day,
Trading life for meager pay.

But a secret something lives within,
That seeks to show the stains of sin,
That seeks to cure the mundane soul,
And give it life lived to the full.

The famine of the human dream
Still carries this subterranean stream
And we must dig deep down below,
Though deeper now we have to go;
For we have covered the ground above
With futile acts and not with love;
And we have seen our ancient fate
Yet lived the lives we all should hate.

The stream shall come though, do not fret,
Shall find you when your eyes are wet;
Shall find you seldom, this is true,
But oh! to see that marvelous view!

Yet we heed not such reckless words,
Since not oft have we seen or heard,
The heights from which the bell once rung,
And the song all know, which none have sung.

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